eco fundamentalists

Do you remember as I was ill in India and wrote that piece of weird future vision in fevers? Situation repeated in Mongolian ger, having a temperature after talking about the world agriculture.

“You know, I quite like our place, I just imagined it more anarchist earlier, self-governed, decentralized community.”
“We all did. Now marsh you go to make it on time!” The wife had no mood for such talks right now.

One section of the shelf in the shop was all white empty except for one red plastic bottle of ketchup. He took it.
He was given a suspicious look at the counter but tried to look nonchalant as he was handing over his card.
“You might need to go with us to the office, sir.”
“Why, what’s wrong?”
“Please, not here, not in front of the people. Follow me.”

There was a policeman sitting. “Why did you buy a plastic bottle, sir?”
“I haven’t seen those for quite a while… I thought,… maybe they calculated that handling all the glass bottles is actually less ecological than reusing the plastic. I don’t know. It was there, I bought it. Is that a problem?”
“We have to watch out for any attempt of a subversive act to undermine our five-year sustainable plan, don’t we? Now, please tell us. Why are you using other person’s card for emission credits? Have you bought so much plastic things you need to use someone else’s credit?”
“No, it’s my brother’s, the shopping is for him. We share a household, as far as I know, it is perfectly legal, isn’t it?”
“It would if your brother wasn’t dead. You need to accompany us to the station.”

“There is more on you. Did you visit Russia two years ago?”
“And what was your claimed mean of transport?”
“A bicycle.”
“And did you really ride as you stated while asking for the permission to leave?”
“I did, but, I had a puncture on the way and I hitchhiked the last part of the road to Moscow. It was an accident.”
“Do you think that the responsibility to maintain a low carbon economy ends with the border of ESE?”
“Certainly not, but, but I hitchhiked, I thought it’s actually less polluting as the car is already on the road and I’m not consuming my energy that I would need to replenish with food…” A stress and fear was replaced by a subtle smile.
“Look. We are willing to forget about all that if you assist us with one thing. … We are monitoring one person involved in the Free Planet subversive movement, connected to the Fundamental Environmental network. Your task would be to inform us about their coming action, an attack.”

“So they sent you on me?”
“We are all on one side.”
“Yeah, but you are spreading the falsehood of the machinery of the system!”
“And you want people die. Why?”
“And what about the war? In the name of a fight against ‘overpopulated polluters’? What was that about?”
“I didn’t agree with the war.” A slight hold back. He might be on a record and not say such things.
“But what’s the difference then? You believe being vegetarian is just enough and that it still allows you to drink blood. You guys are all the same, we all are, that’s why our approach is more pure.”
“So you want to kill us all…”
“We deserve nothing else. Since the beginning, since the Garden…”
“What, the apple was not organic?”
“You laugh, but you know there is no other solution.”

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2 Responses to eco fundamentalists

  1. mrak says:

    Killing all humans – not just a Benders dream, it´s vision of toxic shamans too and one of my most favorite topics. So – keep to develop your soul or be doomed, but not forever, just till your death. In your next life – if you were a hyperpolluter – maybe you would became a chicken living in a cage or a tree planted in the center of concrete square.
    So carry on, mother Earth a smash us down with your volcanic, tornadic, earthquaking and all other freaking powers you got!

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