Where are all the posts?

Where is the post about sculptures in the park in Xian? And the one describing how beautifully all the pieces of the picture got together when I learned about the monk Xuan Zang, of whom I have heard in Tibet as the one who brought and translated Buddhist scripts from India, whose pagoda where the scripts had been stored I saw in Shaanxi and whose story inspired the legend The Journey to the West which then inspired the tv show Monkey King that I loved as a kid; where is that post? Or the other one, describing the culture clash, or a mash rather, in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the weird feeling of the city as the unsolvable puzzle? Oh, and where’s that text about “How I love the life and the beautiful wolrd” that I promised myself to write after my mother wrote me that my blog and poems are too dark? Balance, you know. And then an overview should have come – How is China. Then some rascal description how wild was crossing the border to Mongolia. Where is it? Impressions from Ulaanbaatar, cacophony of the language, lights and pukes; why were they not written? And a description of the Mongolian men who remain true to the blood of ancestors and after a 9-5 job go off the city to practice horseback archery – I’m lacking that too! Also some explanation of the present state, that I’m still three-weeks-away from home (since August) but want already to write horrible sentences like “I’ve crossed two deserts, rivers Eufrat, Tigris, Ganga and the Yellow river, I have traversed Himalayas…” or “I’ve seen much and the color of my eyes changed twice” or how I see life more clearly now. And then maybe some taoist quote such as “The great Way is nearby, who seeks it afar returns afterward to find it in oneself” followed by my “What?? Couldn’t have someone told me that earlier?? No, we just have to go.”

Yeah, I could have written all that. But I didn’t. Every day is bringing new events and there is no computer in a Mongolian tent. I’ll tell you later, guys, don’t worry. Meet me for a beer! Or am I really going to write a book?

Anyway, I gotta go now to collect my Russian visa and catch my train later. To the Bajkal! And long long ride home in a hostel on wheels.

And if my train falls of the track,
pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

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1 Response to Where are all the posts?

  1. ceren says:

    Where r theeyyy! ?
    hehehe, i have to meet with you then!
    Beer (aaarrgg! as homer)

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