“By plane or by boat?” {emissions, salty sea odour of the package, swinging underdeck with other boxes}

“By boat.” {time, money, romance} “Please, I beg you, can you do it faster, I need to run to catch my train.” {guiltiness}

“87 yuen.” {cheap}

“I’m sorry, isn’t that too little? I saw 126 in the table…” {fairness, boldness, concern}

“It’s 87. That was for parcels over 2kg, yours is less.” {forms charts and tables}

“Ok.” {give in to content}

“2 or 3 months.” {surprise, smile}

“It is going to sail for two or three months?? Is it going around Africa or what?” {surprise, smile, concern}

“Yes.” {disarmed}

“Well, ok, thank you, goodbye.” {wait wait wait, it is going to arrive month later than me, there are presents, i can’t give them right away after my arrival, there are my diaries, i can’t write a book as a therapy, it’s too late, it’s done, i need to run to the trainstation now, silly, and how come they don’t know if they will sail for one extra month? overseas around the world adventure with pirates, crocodiles, femine, lost compass, uprise on the board, shipwreck, coconuts, salvation, and the finally – package in my postbox}

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One Response to Overseas

  1. loveBanana says:

    haha, very same with me, in a rush, in byron bay, had to catch a ride up north, was gonna send that package home, not 87yuen though, but a good 30$ or something (shock!), the realization just after handing it over, sealed and stamped and all – it’s gonna arrive after me…
    the good thing was that when i finally got it here it was such a pleasant surprise (what the heck made me post just this?!?), a breeze of the spirit of traveling, a remedy for the reverse culture shock, really.

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