The vision of me

You know, when you are on a journey like this and keeping a blog you have to upload a picture of a map with a thick red line following your path. Fuck that. Actually I’d like to have that route as well, but I just don’t know how to fix it so I’m saying fuck that.

I can just tell you that I’ve been places and seen things. One big continuous adventure from home on and I don’t how did I end in India. How did I make it here?? And how the fuck do I make it home again? I don’t know man, but I’ve got a vision. I don’t see the route precisely but I know that somewhere in front of me is a day when I see an elephant, and another one when I buy myself a nice warm colorful sweater I cross Himalaya in. And then something something in China and a big hassle with Russian visa. And then a zoom through forests home. But the truth is I’m tired. I’m too far without anything and nothing. I miss Europe. I wish Nepal was neighboring Finland not China. I love her. I wanted to see China, sure, it’s the land of tomorrow (actually the land of today) but now it’s just a long way home for me.

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